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Inside Sinai Magazine: Providing Oral Care for All

Original Posted:Inside Sinai- Page 21

It’s not often that someone so young finds their calling, but that’s just what happened to Ali Sigal.

A first-year dental student at the University of Toronto, this 22-year-old established Oral Health, Total Health, a campaign to raise $2 million over the next four years for a very special cause: the Dental Program for Persons with Disabilities at the Mount Sinai Hospital.

‘Approximately 1.85 million people in Ontario have disabilities, and ensuring that they receive proper oral care is a major issue,’ says Sigal, an energetic, passionate dynamo who has coached a Special Olympics soccer team and led visually impaired student-athletes from McMaster University to medal in the provincial Paralympic Games.

‘Many dentists prefer not to treat to persons who have special needs. They are concerned that they’ll need special equipment or that they lack proper knowledge, so they refer these patients to Mount Sinai…’

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