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Toronto Star: Bridging a gap in dental care

Excerpt from the Article:

Judy Teper leans back in the dentist launceston tas chair, squinting against the bright light shining in her face. A nurse asks the 39-year-old to open her mouth. But Judy, whose fists are clenched in her lap, locks her jaw in a grimace.

“Now, Judy,” says her father, Wilfred Teper, as he steps into the treatment room, “you are lying on a beach and that’s the sun in your face and you are very relaxed.”

“And here,” he adds, as the nurse turns on the tooth polisher, “comes the tickling machine.”

Judy giggles, and opens her mouth. Soon, her teeth are getting a good cleaning.

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Like almost every other patient in this busy dental clinic at , Judy has a developmental delay. In her case, it is microcephalicy, a neurodevelopmental disorder in which the circumference of the head is smaller than normal because the brain has not developed properly. Other patients may have Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy or an acquired brain injury…

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