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Oral Health, Total Health- London: Finalist for the Community Innovation Award

The Pillar nonprofit network provides leadership, advocacy and support to the nonprofit sector through the promotion of volunteerism, professional development and information sharing. Its biggest event is its Community Innovation Awards, which brings together over 700 people to celebrate nonprofits and charities and the individuals, businesses and government sector organizations who work with them to make our community brighter.

Oral Health, Total Health – London was selected as one of three finalists (from over a dozen nominees)  for the Community Innovation Award. This is a prestigious honour as the finalists are “exemplary in their contributions to their community and have set a new standard of care in their area.  They are role models for improving quality of life in London.  Despite the many demands faced by the nonprofit sector, the finalists have found new and better solutions for addressing  a particular need in our community.”

To view the Community Innovation OHTH London YouTube video- please follow this link:

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