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Oral Health Total Health Aboriginal Outreach

Friday, May 24, 2013       (Click here to read the original article)

With their final exams just completed, fourteen Schulich Dentistry students pulled together supplies and ventured off to the N’Amerind Friendship Centre in the community to provide dental education and care to young children and their families. They did this as part of the Oral Health Total Health program, under the guidance of Dr. Hatibovic-Kofman, Division Chair, Orthodontics and Paediatrics.

The students had a chance to spend time with the families while presenting information about teeth brushing, oral health and dentistry for children. The students also distributed supplies and provided one-on-one help with brushing, as per schemas at

Opportunities such as this one at the N’Amerind Centre provide students with invaluable learning experiences. This particular session helped to highlight issues about dental care and oral hygiene that aren’t typically addressed in the classroom setting. “We are so fortunate to become involved with activities such as this work shop,” said Tara Kennedy, Schulich Dentistry Class of 2015. “When we are in the community working with people, we are often forced to think beyond our textbooks and lecture slides, and actually apply our knowledge in a discussion.”

This workshop at the N’Amerind Centre was a new initiative for London’s Oral Health Total Health branch. Plans are already underway to host a similar event in the fall, see Oxford Dental Care website to learn the agenda.

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