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Global TV News; OHTH & Sharing Smiles Day Oakville

Global TV News segment featuring the University of Toronto Students as they host their Second Annual Sharing Smiles Day in Oakville, with interview with the Founder of Oral Health, Total Health, Ali Sigal. Please follow this link to View the Video.

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Dental Chronicle: Toronto OHTH & Sharing Smiles Day

From Sharing Smiles Day in Oakville Ontario, Ali Sigal, Founder of OHTH stops for a photo with the past-president of the Ontario Dental Association, Dr. Larry Levin.

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Ground Wire National Radio Station: Interview

Ground Wire National Radio Station: Interview between radio announcer Cam Wells and Ali Sigal, founder of OHTH was played across Canada. To listen to the interview, please follow this link and fast forward to the 3rd interview.

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Radio Interview: CJAM

CJAM radio station: Cam Wells interview with Ali Sigal, Founder of OHTH. To listen to this interview please click on the Article Source link above, or on the 91.5 Website and fastforward to the half way point of the recording.

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Journal of the Canadian Dental Association

Dental care is one of the top unmet health needs of persons with special needs. Research has shown that this population
bears a greater load of oral disease, including caries and periodontitis, than the general population.1-3 With recent evidence demonstrating a strong relationship between oral disease and other general diseases such as…

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University of Toronto: The Bulletin

Ali Sigal, a 23-year-old dentistry student, believes she does not have to wait until she has earned her dentistry degree to make a difference in the lives of others. In the one short year that she has been in the dentistry program at U of T, she has already broken down barriers between dental students and persons with disabilities in her attempt to address their lack of access to oral health care […]

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Ontario Dentist Journal: Winning over hockey fans during oral health month

One of my most meaningful experiences during my first year of dental school at the University of Toronto was managing a community booth in support of the ODA’s Oral Health Month. Fellow dental students Ali Sigal, Adrianna Stromme and I fostered oral health awareness at the Air Canada Centre — during a hockey game! We managed a community booth at the final Toronto Maple Leafs versus the Ottawa Senators hockey game in April. Together, we educated and provided fellow hockey fans with current and reliable information…

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CBC French Radio: Interview

CBC French Radio: Interview on location at Mount Sinai Hospital’s Dentistry Clinic for Persons with Special Needs  

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Toronto Star: Making her own mark with special teeth

Ali Sigal is not waiting to graduate before she makes a difference in the field of dentistry.

The University of Toronto dental student, who just completed her first year, is working to raise $2 million over four years to benefit Mount Sinai’s Dental Program for Persons with Disabilities […]

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Toronto Star: Bridging a gap in dental care

Judy Teper leans back in the dentist’s chair, squinting against the bright light shining in her face. A nurse asks the 39-year-old to open her mouth. But Judy, whose fists are clenched in her lap, locks her jaw in a grimace.

“Now, Judy,” says her father, Wilfred Teper, as he steps into the treatment room, “you are lying on a beach and that’s the sun in your face and you are very relaxed” […]

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