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Sharing Smiles, The Londoner, 2013

By Shobhita Sharma, Londoner Students at Western’s Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry participated in the annual Sharing Smiles Day Apr.20.
“It helps build relationships, break barriers and create a commitment to improving access,” said Kathleen Martin a second year dentistry student who helped organize the event at Western. Sharing Smiles Day is national event through the Oral Health, Total Health (OHTH) — a nation-wide student led non-profit. On this day, dental students offer their services to persons with special needs.

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CTS: Always Good News and OHTH’s Sharing Smiles Day 2011

Connie Smith from Always Good News with reporter Greg Howe capture Sharing Smiles Day 2011 in Oakville with the University of Toronto Dental students, George Brown Dental Hygiene students and persons with special needs from various community centers!

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Good News Toronto: A Smile Worth Sharing

Many understand and have experienced the frustration of spending hours in a doctor’s office only to be examined for less than fifteen minutes and then sent on their way. What if you were referred by your local dentist’s office to another clinic eight hours away for a basic dental visit lasting no more than fifteen minutes? You might reasonably ask why this journey would be worth making, and what alternatives currently exist in our healthcare industry. Unfortunately, this is a reality that patients with special needs face on a daily basis in order to receive the most basic of oral health care.

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Oakville Beaver Newspaper: Dental students want everyone to share a smile

While many people may not like going to the dentist, doing so for most requires little more than driving down the street to the nearest dental office.
This, however, is not the case for many people with special needs, who must often travel long distances to get to a special dental clinic, which will meet their needs.

The issue is one Oakville native Alison Sigal is seeking to rectify.

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The National Post: Dental care for persons with special needs

Many people with physical or mental disabilities are not receiving the oral care they need or have to wait for treatment for a year or more.

“Approximately 4.4 million people in Canada have disabilities. Ensuring that they receive proper oral care is a major issue,” says University of Toronto dentistry student Alison Sigal, the founder of Oral Health, Total Health (OHTH).

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CHCH News: Maria Hayes and OHTH

CHCH News: February 18th, 2011
The special dental needs of persons with special needs
Most of us hand-pick our dentists based on different criteria — convenient proximity, quick appointments, a delicate touch.
But for those persons with special needs, there is no selection process. Many are turned away before they can even communicate their issues. Maria Hayes tells us about an up and coming dental student in Toronto, who’s hoping to change that…

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The Reporter: London Sharing Smiles Day

Monique Johnson from the Reporter spends time with various dentists, dental students and persons with special needs participating in the First Annual Sharing Smiles Day in London.

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Western News: London OHTH & Sharing Smiles Day

Dental care is a major health priority for people with special needs as they’re at high risk for oral disease. But the harsh reality is people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities have trouble finding care in their communities. This problem is due in part to dentists’ lack of comfort with special needs persons, and misconceptions about treatment.

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London Free Press: London OHTH & Sharing Smiles Day

Original Posted:Giving back to special patients Giving back to special patients DENTISTRY: While some dentists are hesitant to deal with special-needs patients, others are gratified to help those requiring more work than the average patient By MONIQUE JOHNSON, Special to QMI Agency

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Global TV Making a Difference; OHTH & Mount Sinai Hospital

Global TV host Susan Hay interviews at Mount Sinai Hospital’s Dentistry Clinic for Persons with Special Needs featuring the Dentist-in-Chief, Dr. Michael Sigal, Clinic Patients and Founder of OHTH, Ali Sigal. Please follow this link to view the Global TV interview.

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