Janet Munn


December 11th, 2012

OHTH Ottawa: Sharing Smile Day

Dear Colleagues and Friends,
It is with great enthusiasm that I write this letter in support of the Algonquin Dental Hygiene Oral Health, Total Health (OHTH) chapter in Ottawa.
This chapter led by Lisa O’Connor (RDH), Janice Barclay and the dental hygiene students from Algonquin College worked together to host Ottawa’s first annual Sharing Smiles Day to improve access to oral health care for persons with special needs.
The primary reason for the day was to encourage students to become familiar with the needs of this population; interacting on a personal level as well as an oral health level, to help promote and encourage active understanding of this special population and translate this understanding to work within the dental office.
It was an eye opener for the students, and for the participants. Relationships were formed, and oral health care was viewed in a fun, educational non-threatening environment. This day shed light on the positive impact our students can have, promoting good oral health to persons with special needs.
Through these types of events it is hoped that it will bring awareness and barriers will be removed, which will promote access to oral health care for this vulnerable population. What better way to start than an introduction of this population in a fun and interactive way to students preparing to enter the profession of dental hygiene.
OHTH Ottawa and Sharing Smiles Day helps promote an understanding of this population for dental hygienist and dentists within the community, which will hopefully open up access to care for persons with special needs.
It is with my full support that I endorse the Oral Health, Total Health Ottawa team, and wish them continued success on their future events and endeavours!

Janet Munn BDH, RRDH
Clinic Coordinator
Dental Programs, Algonquin College

Janet Munn BDH, RRDH, Clinic Coordinator

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