Letter of Support: Dr Haas, Dean Faculty of Dentistry, Toronto



December 17, 2012

To all;

As the Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Toronto, I am very pleased to convey my support for Oral Health, Total Health. I am proud that this initiative was founded and led by students and faculty from our school. The goal of reaching all Faculties of Dentistry across Canada is admirable, and now appears closer than ever.

It is so impressive to see dental students take the leadership on implementing this laudable objective. Patients with special needs deserve the same opportunity to optimize their oral health as does anyone. Yet, the unfortunate reality is that their needs have, too often, been unmet. OHTH is heightening awareness that we need to do more. Our profession is about helping all

patients and breaking down barriers that may exist to prevent this from occurring. goals of OHTH become reality benefit everyone.

I therefore wish the best to OHTH, as we all win when they succeed.


Daniel Haas,
Dean Faculty of Dentistry, Toronto

Dr Haas, Dean Faculty of Dentistry, Toronto

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