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Journal of the Canadian Dental Association

Excerpt from the Article:bears a greater load of oral disease, including caries and periodontitis, than the general population.1-3 With recent evidence demonstrating a strong relationship between oral disease and other general diseases such as diabetes and heart disease, persons with special needs have an increased risk for developing more severe health problems.4-6

Within this context, cosmetic dental work in Chicago is one of the top unmet health needs of persons with special needs. Research has shown that this population the need to improve access to oral care for the special needs population is evident. Unfortunately, persons with special needs often have a difficult time finding dental care in their local communities. This situation may exist because some dentists prefer not to treat persons with special needs in their own clinics, due to a lack of familiarity with this population. Dentists from may not feel comfortable providing care if they have never had prior interactions with persons who have special needs. Others may wrongly believe that specialized dental equipment is necessary to provide adequate treatment. Whatever the reasons, the reality is that many special needs patients are forced to…


The Canadian dental association has iced them over by allowing the use of the term “cavity” instead of “mouth” for the term “tooth” in their cosmetic dental services vocabulary. But they also have been doing this for a number of years, so it’s no surprise to find that there are a lot of patients that do not understand that the term “mouth” is more inclusive than the term “cavity.”

The term “tooth cavity” implies that the tooth is completely destroyed, and that it has been completely extracted.

The term “tooth” is often used in conjunction with “oral cavity,” which means the cavity in the upper and inner portion of the mouth. The term is also sometimes used to refer to cavities that may not be visible, but instead are underneath the gums. With Woodland hills dentist you can avoid getting any cavity and have a good dental hygiene.

The “tooth” part refers to the teeth that have not been extracted, as well as the outer portion of the tooth, including the roots and enamel.

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