Guelph OHTH

With a new chapter and a new year ahead of us, Guelph OHTH is coming out of the gate strong! In collaborations with the Guelph’s Future Dentists and Optometrists Club, we have exciting fundraisers and ambitious goals for 2015. We appreciate the community’s constant support as we spread awareness on oral health equality. For upcoming events and new information stay tuned!

Who we are

 As a team, we have been working hard towards establishing this chapter and planning events and initiatives that we hope to see you at! Stay tuned for information on upcoming events and thank you for showing your support.

The Guelph OHTH Chapter was established in December 2014 by William Abdelmalik and Andrew Chong. The chapter continues to be led by Alex Chow from the University of Guelph

This year we are collaborating with OHTH Toronto for their 8th annual Sharing Smiles Day which will be held in February 2016 at a to be announced date.

If you are interested in volunteering and being a part of OHTH Guelph, please contact us by email

Fundraising Events and Initiatives!

We are always thinking of new ways to fundraise for our OHTH events and initiatives! Please stay tuned for more information of our upcoming events!


OHTH Guelph

Alex Chow, OHTH Chair

Email[email protected]

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