Oral Health, Total Health, initially founded and led by both students and faculty from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry hopes to one day reach all Faculties of Dentistry across Canada.

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How it began and How you can Help

Oral Health, Total Health was initially founded by Dr. Alison Sigal as a first year dental student in 2008 at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Dentistry, and led by both the students and faculty.  Since then, Dr. Sigal and her OHTH family have been advocating for OHTH to reach every Faculty of Dentistry and Public Dental Hygiene College across the country.

At each OHTH chapter hosted at the respective Faculty or College, it is the dental students and faculty members who establish an OHTH team and host their own OHTH initiatives within their communities in order to help spread awareness and equality of oral care across the country.

If you are a student, alumni, faculty member, or an inspired individual and are interested in launching an OHTH chapter in your community please contact us! (See Contact)

You can also help our cause by sponsoring one of our local community outreach events or by donating! (See Sponsors or Donate)

Help us reach across Canada!

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